4 Tips in Finding the Best Air Ambulance Service

The demand of air medical transport is getting higher everyday as there are many travelers as well as expatriates from all over the world who want to secure the safety of their trip. The purpose of medical transport service is of course not limited to travel but also when the patient is stuck in a geographically challenged location.

This kind of service is also very useful among family members who wanted to transfer their sick loved ones to the nearest medical facility so that they could closely monitor and check. Medical transport, for several years now, has revolutionized the face of medical assistance as it answers the needs of many people, not only travelers but also family members with sick loved ones.

In a normal case when a person is travelling, major airlines are providing medical assistance for their passengers given that they are suffering extreme medical condition. If you request them to transport the patient to the nearest medical facility, the charge could reach about a hundred dollar depending on how far the location is. To avoid spending too much, you can apply for air ambulance service together with your travel insurance. The service will cover your air lifting service to the nearest facility.

Here are the most important points on how to find the best air ambulance service:

1. Certification

When dealing with a travel insurance agency, you need to make sure that they have current and valid certification from the government. Also, you need to check if the nurses and doctors have certification in fight paramedic, emergency nursing, flight nursing, critical care and others.

2. State of the art equipment

Make sure that the air carrier has the right facilities on it. High end equipment are proven to save lives, no question with that. This kind of insurance is a bit expensive so you need to ensure you’re getting the best quality of equipment while on the move.

3. Experience

Medical team inside the air carrier should also be well versed with what they are doing. Make sure that the personnel have the proper training to avoid fatality while on the move. Your life depends on the people who are handling your medical situation while travelling to the nearest hospital facility. Nobody wants to die on board so you need an assurance that someone is there to take care of your vulnerability.

4. Reference

Before you sign up for the insurance, make sure that you have read and researched about it. Ask your friends if the company you are dealing with is dependable. Don’t forget to read reviews and cross-references.